Libre Consulting (formerly known as Libre Solutions Pty Ltd) is a small GNU/Linux and free software consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

Our focus is to provide services related to GNU+Linux and free software and open technologies.

Free/Libre and Open Source technologies provide strong advantages comparing to proprietary solutions.

We specialise in

  • Debian - the universal operating system.
  • GNU/Linux support, systems administratrion, automation, troubleshooting and optimisation.
  • Zabbix monitoring.
  • Scalable distributed parallel storage systems: MooseFS, GfarmFS.
  • Perl development.
  • Automation (e.g. Ansible)
  • Continuous Integration (e.g. GitLab)
  • Application Containers (e.g. Docker, Podman)
  • Vendor neutral and private clouds (e.g. Nomad, Consul)
  • Load balancing (e.g. haproxy)
  • Best practices

We have one uploading Debian Developer with us.

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