In 2014 following our disappointment in Ceph we evaluated XtreemFS 1.5 but concluded that it does not work well. There are problems like data corruption #359, read errors in degraded mode #357/#235, crippled read-only mode #358 etc.; build system is a mess plus XtreemFS depends on non-free, unmaintained since 2007 OpenDMK JAR #309, #173 so XtreemFS is in violation of DFSG and not distributable in Debian.

There is little activity on bug tracker and project gives impression of not being actively maintained. Also XtreemFS is written in poor language notorious for inefficient memory management so naturally XtreemFS can't stand against GfarmFS and LizardFS in performance comparison... Our impressions of poor XtreemFS performance were confirmed by another evaluator.

Conclusion: XtreemFS is not suitable for production use.