Consulting services:

  • Commercial Debian support.
  • GNU/Linux system administration (Debian, CentOS/RHEL).
    • on-site and remote systems management
    • performance optimisation
    • virtualisation
    • automation
    • upgrades
    • audit
    • etc.
  • Expert advise on free software.
  • Software packaging for Debian.
  • Perl and Bash development (scripting).
  • Data processing.
  • ZoneMinder setup (CCTV).
  • CiviCRM setup.

Infrastructure and CI services

  • Continuous Integration (GitLab)
  • Application containers (Podman, Docker)
  • Private cloud, service based (Nomad, Consul)
  • Automation and configuration management (Ansible)

Custom data storage solutions (designing, deploying and administrating):

  • Scalable distributed parallel storage systems based on MooseFS or GfarmFS.
  • mdadm-based RAID-6 storage systems.
  • Assisted migration from Ceph.

Systems monitoring with Zabbix:

  • Initial configuration (design), deployment, optimisation, template development, custom parameters etc.


  • Redmine, issue management and best practice.

"Liberation services":

  • Finding free (libre) software solution for desirable task.
  • Migration from Windows to Debian GNU/Linux environment.
  • Migration from RHEL/CentOS or any other GNU/Linux system to Debian.

Support services:

  • On-site, phone and e-mail support, 24/7.
  • Troubleshooting (level 3 support)


All the above services are charged $100 AUD+GST per hour during working hours (9:00...17:00 Monday to Friday) and $150 AUD+GST after hours.

Pre-paid support packs

  • 5 hours: $550 (GST included)
  • 10 hours: $1100 (GST included)

Support packs (charged in 30 minutes chunks) are valid during working hours for 6 months since the date of purchase.

Rolling support agreement

  • Starting from 5 hours per week with monthly or quarterly billing.

Experienced contractor(s) for hire

  • Full-time or part-time contractor(s) to work on site.

We shall be happy to discuss other arrangements at your convenience.

Payments (and donations) in AUD and Bitcoins are accepted. (Bitcoin payments may be eligible for discount).

Free software supporters are eligible for discounts.

New clients are entitled for one hour free-of-charge consultation.