Libre Consulting (formerly known as Libre Solutions Pty Ltd) is a small GNU/Linux and free software consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.
The company offers range of services such as commercial Debian support, systems administration, development, custom storage systems, enterprise monitoring (Zabbix), application hosting and assistance with liberation from proprietary software.

Free Software

We use every opportunity to contribute to projects we are working with.

We use only free software and won't recommend anything but free software.

This is not just ethical but also a very practical decision. Free software is more effective and valuable than proprietary; it works better and benefits from peer review.


We work with strong emphasis on professional ethics.

We recognise proprietary software as harmful and offer our help with migration to Free/Libre/Open Source Software, see Services.

Ethical choice demand our clients to satisfy certain ethical requirements to qualify for our services.
For instance we refuse to work with those who involved to uranium mining or nuclear energy projects.


Phone : +61 2 9157 0376
Email :

Customers feedback

"Winc ANZ used service of Libre Solutions Pty Ltd on building devops capability.
Dmitry Smirnov from Libre Solutions was outstanding in understanding the constraints of a large scale bespoke legacy ecommerce platform that evolved over 15 years of development. His tactful approach identified strategies of decomposing a monolithic deployment architecture using docker containers into more manageable and deterministic deployment architecture. Subsequently he automated entire ALM (application lifecycle management) - dev to prod, using Ansible and Gitlab that reduced the deployment times from hours to minutes. The rigor built in deployment integrity meant operations staff were freed up to do other value add tasks rather than manually managing deployments and configuration. He has set a strong foundation for future enhancements to the devops capability for Winc.
I would highly recommend Libre Solutions for a professional service that has always exceeded our expectations."
         -- Kenneth Kumar, EBusiness Development Manager, Winc ANZ; May 2018

"Winc Pty Ltd, formally Staples Australia used Libre Solutions Pty Ltd to start our journey to DevOps, they containerised our large eCommerce web application using Docker, automated the deployment with Ansible and converted our version control over to Git.
They were very professional and an expert in all thing Open Source, I can highly recommend using them."
         -- Kirby Smith, Head of eBusiness, Winc Pty Ltd; May 2018.

"Qantas Holidays have used Libre Solutions Pty Ltd services for support, administration and performance tuning of critical online B2B site. We have always found their services to exceed our expectations. Libre Solutions Pty Ltd have a very professional, customer focused approach and their product offering are good value. I would highly recommend Libre Solutions Pty Ltd for their services."
         -- Sandeep Goyal, Senior Technical Analyst, Business Systems.

"Libre Solutions Pty Ltd provided Perl, MySQL database and bash programming along with advance technical guidance and system monitoring for our virtualised Debian and Ubuntu Linux installations.
The applications developed and greatly enhanced by Dmitry were complex client specific fully automated data systems.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Dmitry and witness his high level of technical skill, best practices and passion for his work. The resulting applications and solutions were of outstanding quality.
I would highly recommend Libre Solutions Pty Ltd services. This recommendation is not given lightly and is the first and only I have given, let alone committed in writing, in over two decades of working in the IT industry."
         -- Craig Hazeltine, Senior Programmer, Blue Star DM.

"Libre Solutions Pty Ltd provided us continuous technical support with our web-sites, systems administration and data storage systems. We are happy with professionalism and commitment Dmitry demonstrates. With his help our IT infrastructure became very efficient."
         -- School Focus