We are moving to new domain Libre-Consulting.com due to gross misconduct of auDA (Australian .com.au domain authority) that took down our domain raid6.com.au from root DNS servers without warning between 2023-07-18 and 2023-07-20. That was incredibly disruptive as our email, web site and all services became inaccessible for about 48 hours.

We have been using domain raid6.com.au for a decade, being its single owner. auDA refused to communicate with us directly, let alone apologise for disruption they have caused.

auDA threatened to shut down our domain raid6.com.au permanently (for their own discrepancy in domain records dating prior to 2015 when registrar of the domain changed). Although their petty bureaucratic demands were somewhat satisfied by 2023-07-28, we have no confidence that we can keep the domain in the long term, and we have no intention to continue to rely on mercy of unaccountable anonymous bureaucracy.

Domain raid6.com.au is expected to disappear some time between 2023-08-27 (auDA post-complaint deadline) and 2025-07-12 (domain expiration date). At the moment we have no intention to renew the domain so we are going to let it expire.

Relying on anything "government" is dangerous so we say "goodbye but no thanks" to auDA.