After two years of partnership with Zabbix we have decided to discontinue our formal agreement.

Although Zabbix is very effective and popular monitoring solution it is still little known in Australia.

We were hoping that partnership with Zabbix would generate some leads and although we have answered some interesting inquiries from Bank, Data centre, Airport, Hospital, Fire department and IT company from India, there were not enough sales to justify annual cost of partnership.

For us and for our clients end of formal partnership with Zabbix hardly changes anything. We are happy to share our expertise with Zabbix and Libre Solutions Pty Ltd will continue to offer commercial support and services related to Zabbix as well as to look after official Zabbix packages in Debian.

For three years we were continuously working on official Zabbix packages in Debian.

Note: do not mistake official Debian packages available from Debian repositories with Zabbix packages for Debian provided by web site. The latter are known to be of poor quality. We always recommend to use only official Debian packages.