Free software is very important for security.
We consider proprietary software to be intrinsically insecure due to lack of peer review and independent audit of source code.
Yet many still use proprietary CCTV systems which is ironic as those who rely on CCTV probably care about security.

Indeed entertaining the idea that your proprietary CCTV software may have a backdoor is unsettling.

Luckily there is a mature free CCTV software: ZoneMinder.

At Libre Solutions we recognise pragmatic advantages of free software.
In March 2015 we have re-introduced ZoneMinder packages to Debian and now we are proud to announce availability of new ZoneMinder release 1.29 on Debian.

Empowered by Debian - the best integration platform, ZoneMinder is easier to deploy than ever.

Users of Debian "Jessie" are advised to install ZoneMinder from jessie-backports suite. (Read more about backports in corresponding Debian Wiki page).