is a tutorial about how to use GPG for email security.

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Stranger than fiction, thrilling and informative insight into technology, history, international relationships and politics of nuclear proliferation.

Posted 2019-07-13 Tags: - your online catalogue of free/ethical software and services.

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You can not understand Australia without reading "A secret country" by John Pilger.

I especially enjoyed chapter "The Coup" which you must read if you want to know how Australian democracy was lost on 1975-11-11.

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Is there such thing as unethical search engine? Yes there is. Apparently Google's search engine is biased if not politically then by your own search history. This is known as filter bubble and it makes people more arrogant and more ignorant at the same time because they see less "uncomfortable" information that contradict their beliefs. Whlist filter bubble could be useful for shopping, it is detrimental to research, education and critical thinking.

Eli Pariser's Beware online "filter bubbles" TED talk is a good introduction to the problem.

Fortunately there are alternative search engines.


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Antiperspirants with aluminium is a hazard to health as they contribute to development of breast cancer: Use of Underarm Cosmetic Products in Relation to Risk of Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study

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Reminder about missed notifications is a missing Android feature.

How many times you have missed a text or notification only to find about it when it is too late?

Missed Notifications Reminder is a useful application to repeatedly remind you about important unacknowledged notifications in any app of your choice.

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Silence is an application for encrypted SMS communication.

Unlike standard Android messanging app, Silence can remind you about unread messages for up to 10 times.

Higly recommended for anybody who values privacy of communication.

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Vicente Romero Redondo. Stunningly beautiful water, light and people
at Maher Art Gallery and Gallerie Michael.

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YouTube: Vaccines: Honesty vs. Policy. Suzanne Humphries, MD

Highly recommended. Also uploaded to OpenTube.

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