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Great book: A secret country
Posted 2019-07-11
Beware of filter bubble
Posted 2019-07-10
Artist of the day: Ai Shah
Posted 2019-07-05
what to watch for education
Posted 2019-07-04
what to watch about measles
Posted 2019-07-02
Real threat to creationism
Posted 2018-11-14
Betrayal of human race
Posted 2018-11-12
Concurrency in Perl (example)
Posted 2018-09-23
Internet Filtering happened?
Posted 2018-07-11
How to wait for an open port
Posted 2018-04-27
Please avoid Faktortel
Posted 2013-05-05
Old man' story
Posted 2012-04-04
A mind of its own
Posted 2012-04-01
Colorize for fun and comfort
Posted 2011-10-20
Posted 2011-03-23
Only free software works
Posted 2011-03-03
How comes...
Posted 2011-03-03
My next mobile phone
Posted 2011-03-03
Nice documentaries
Posted 2011-02-24
fluoride out of our water
Posted 2011-02-23
NSW shame and disgrace
Posted 2011-02-20
Two worlds
Posted 2011-02-20
Ethical consuming
Posted 2011-02-15
SSL certificate for a web site
Posted 2011-01-27
How to kill Interbase
Posted 2010-09-01
Internet Filtering
Posted 2010-03-24
Ms exchange: big mistake
Posted 2010-03-19
Debian on 'poor' distributions
Posted 2009-10-26
Posted 2009-10-24
Open Source for Education
Posted 2005-04-05