Imagine proprietary world where:

  • You're have to buy every software, e-book or video you might want...

  • Bundled with all restrictions you can imagine: you only can run/read/watch it on 'certified' device only; due limited time; without rights to copy even for backup purposes; with restrictions on how many times you can run/read/watch etc.

  • Bundled with contract obliging you to make regular payments in order to keep software operational or keep book/video which is already in your possession, readable/viewable.

  • Bundled with license for use which you have to renew on monthly or fortnightly basis to not loose functionality.

  • With passport to prove yourself a legitimate user, protect you from prosecution and grant you rights for support in case software/book/video doesn't work properly.

  • With ethics stripped from you - no more lending software/book/video to friends - it is outlawed and heavy fines apply.

  • With your rights and privacy sacrificed to unjust powers of police and corporations spying on how you use your software/books/videos. When at any given moment of time without probable cause you may be asked to prove that software/books/videos you have in your possession you legitimately bought or pay heavy fines and face a lawsuit.

  • When you right to use software/book/video may be revoked at any time without explanation.

  • When functionality of software/book/video severely limited or full of unwanted features: book you cannot print or perhaps even copy text from it (quote); software will not work after upgrade of your computer (bound to hardware) without license renew; when you cannot install software of your choice without approval; and you can watch your video but not if you take it abroad (DVD region restrictions)

  • When "features" should be bought/licensed separately.

  • When you forced to 'upgrade' because newly purchased software/book/video do not work.

  • When upgrade is costly and likely bound you with obligations or necessity to buy additional software.

  • When fears of fines and prosecution drives you decision to buy

  • Where your life have no other meanings apart from consuming or selling

  • Where prices can be fixed at certain level to increase profit.

  • Where lock-in contracts are "normal"

Some if not all these atrocities perhaps already familiar to you.

You can read more here: The Right to Read

Now imagine the world where

  • Software/books/videos are free

  • Completely free from any obligations

  • You can lend it, make copies or even sell for profit

  • You can choose whom to buy from

  • You're free to do whatever you want (no artificial restrictions): copy, study, lend, modify.

  • Where appreciation drives donations to authors.

  • Where you're not a puppet of someone's business plan.

  • Where community makes the difference.

  • Where you can support only those who deserve it.

  • Where freedom and transparency respected.

  • Where your life has meaning because your contribution is valuable

  • Where lock-in contracts condemned and despised.

This world is also reality. There are free books, movies and software.

Both worlds indeed have poor/selfish consumers who don't give anything back. However free world driven by doing-the-right-thing, a powerful force encouraging appreciation.

Free world is fear-less - it's much harder to do wrong thing.

Both worlds are more or less today's reality. You can choose which one to live. By making choice you're shaping our future. Your choice matters. Which world is right for you?